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From the institutional way to the integral revolution

The current international political context allows us to clearly see the serious limits to the possibilities of social change through institutional routes.   On the one hand, the new left-wing political experiences in Latin America have had scarce impact on actual political life in the countries where they have had a chance to govern. There is a particularly great difficulty in […]

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Why will campaign for S-27 … and then!

[Enric Duran article has been published in Catalan to La Directa at 9 September 2015, translated into English by X-Pressed.] It’s been a few years that I do not actively participating in protest movements and that I have focused on self organisation, post-state, and post capitalist social movements. Perhaps my last participation in the realm of, let’s say, mass social […]

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Social currency expands at the hands of self-management

Five years after the first catalan free-coin seminar (From the point of view of the Catalan Integral Cooperative)   In 2009, between 27th and 29th December in Alt Montseny, the first free-coin1 seminar took place. It was a meeting that signified the start of social currency coordination across Catalonia.  The […]

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Fairness and the commons, an interview with Enric Duran

Here we present a CommonsTransition interview with Enric Duran. Prior to co-founding the Catalan Integral Cooperative — a Commons Transition partner project creating a cooperative, self managed public system in Catalonia — Duran became famous for his 2008 “bank action”, an act which involved defrauding 39 Spanish banks of nearly […]

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Cooperativa Integral Catalana as a living model of open cooperativism

Enric Duran of the Catalan Integrated Cooperative has taken the time to comment on Michel Bauwens’ recent article on Open Coops, contrasting Bauwens’ proposals with the practical realities already under way in the CIC’s own forward thinking cooperativist environment. Bauwens’ summary of these proposals include four key proposals which Duran […]

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CIC and P2pfoundation strategic partners

t’s been a while now since some people in the CIC took the initiative to start collaborating with the P2P Foundation after certifying our common goals. Indeed, the Permanent Assembly of July 27 approved supporting this line of strategic partnership between CIC and P2P Foundation.In fact, the P2P Foundation itself […]

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Integral revolution: an interview to Enric Duran about CIC

Michel Bauwens of the P2P Foundation, Neal Gorenflo of Shareable, and authorJohn Restakis interview Catalan Integral Cooperative’s Enric Duran. Answers translated by Stacco Troncoso, text edited by Jane Loes Lipton – Guerrilla Translation! Images by Lisa Furness and the CIC Read this interview in Spanish here. In this interview, Neal Gorenflo (founder, Shareable), Michel Bauwens (founder, P2P Foundation), and John Restakis (author, “Humanizing the […]

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Come back, A story which we made together

In this documentary over twenty people who had so far remained silent explain how they lived the facts of which they had firsthand knowledge before they became public, and recall the projects and initiatives in which those resources were allocated. The documentary has been released today, 6 months after the […]

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Launch and Data Jam of the P2Pvalue Directory of Commons Based Peer Production

Join us Wednesday March 12th for the launch of the P2PValue Directory of Commons Based Peer Production. Commons Based Peer Production (CBPP) means collaborative production and sharing of resources among peers under commons settings. From the initial cases, such as Wikipedia and FLOSS, recently there has been an expansion to […]

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The CIC accepts donations

The Catalan Integral Cooperative has implemented a page from where its possible to make donations. All donations add to the shared CIC budget and will be managed by an assembly. The assembly decides how to allocate resources towards our objectives as an Integral Cooperative See: cooperativa.cat/en/4390-2 You can contribute in the […]

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Xavier Diez: “as catalans we don’t know how to relate to power, we just don’t respect it”

Xavier Diez, historian, professor at Ramon Llull University and author, among others, of L’ anarquisme, fet differential català, has begun his conference –within AureaSocial’s Fem-lo Comú cycle dedicated to historical memory– with an anecdote by his aunt, who explained how during Spain’s civil war (1936-1939), theaters in and around Barcelona […]

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Do it yourself! Calafou_Hacklab at Dark Wallet Meeting

Bitcoin, cryptography, 3d printers, fabLab, free software, GNU-Linux, GPL, hacking, liquid democracy… More and more people are using technology to create models that subvert the financial, productive and social order in the world in which we live, wich we think to know completely. The contradictions, the successes and the new […]

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Calafou Electrum Meeting

On the weekend from 20 to 22 september there will be an electrum and libbitcoin developer meeting at Calafou. The Electrum Meeting will be open to anyone who wants to participate in the working sessions and debates around bitcoin wallet development and associated features, like blockchain scalability, transaction anonymity, coin mixing.. […]

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Enric Duran considers legal action for violation of his rights of defense

Five years after the publication of “Crisi” and the anouncement of a bank expropriation of 492,000 euros In a statement published today, 17 of September, on the 5th anniversary of the publication of “Crisi” which carried the announcement of his expropriation, Enric Duran says that he is “thinking about carrying out […]

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Welcome to Cooperativa Integral Catalana

Welcome to Cooperativa Integral Catalana. (Catalan Integrated Cooperative) —— Some links in English to know more about us here.