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Launch and Data Jam of the P2Pvalue Directory of Commons Based Peer Production

Join us Wednesday March 12th for the launch of the P2PValue Directory of Commons Based Peer Production.

logoCommons Based Peer Production (CBPP) means collaborative production and sharing of resources among peers under commons settings. From the initial cases, such as Wikipedia and FLOSS, recently there has been an expansion to other areas of activity, such as citizen science, product design, management of common spaces and open data sources.

The mission of the Directory of Commons Based Peer Production is mapping the diffusion and hybridization of peer production by collecting and typifying digital platforms or projects that are Commons Based Peer Productions (CBPP).

The directory currently holds more than 300 cases of CBPP such as platforms for collective research, citizen journalism, peer to peer financing, and hackerspaces. Projects that produce software, hardware, texts, images, videos, music or sounds, collaborative research projects that give access to the data, and produce resources for public use.

The directory serves as a valuable tool for anyone interested on CBPP such as “commoners”, “prosumers” or researchers. It also aims to give visibility to the CBPP and support the networking among CBPP projects.

The directory itself is based on collaborative production . Join the collaborative mapping of CBPP: Reuse and remix the data, insert new cases, send your feedback on the directory design, etc. The data contributed to the directory is published with an open license and accessible through our API or for downloaded in various formats.

Data Jam 12th March 2014

To celebrate the launch we will be hosting a P2Pvalue Data Jam 12th March 2014 , a collective effort to populate the directory and document as many examples of CBPP as possible. Additionally, on the day we will be having a live streamed program with introduction to the P2Pvalue project, and with instruction on how to use the directory and discussion around CBPP issues.

How to join the Data Jam (12th March 2014)?

Directory: http://directory.p2pvalue.eu
Live streaming link: P2PValue or Youtube channel
Twitter: @P2Pvalue Hash tags #P2PDATAJAM and #P2PVALUE
Local Data Jam: Local Data Jam will take place in Barcelona, Madrid, and Quito (timetable and physical address availeble here) Organize a local Data Jam also if you like around your place!
Mailing list: http://lists.p2pvalue.eu/wws/info/datajam

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.


Hangout Live Streaming program

11.30-12.30 pm CET

Introduction to P2PValue and the directory
Mayo Fuster (IGOPnet)@lilaroja

Coordination:@rubenmartinez (IGOPnet)

12.45-13.30 pm CET

Technical details of the P2PValue directory
David Rozas (University of Surrey)

Coordination:@rubenmartinez (IGOPnet)

13:45-14:00 pm CET

Presentation of Kune
Antonio Tenorio (UCM)

Coordination: Antonio Tapiador (UCM)

17.00- 17.45pm CET

Jaume Barcelo y Pedro on behalf Guifi.net

Coordination: Jorge Salcedo (IGOPnet)@jorgelsalcedo

18.00-18.45pm CET

Maria G. Perulero on behalf Goteo.org

Coordination: Jorge Salcedo (IGOPnet)@jorgelsalcedo

19.00-20.15pm CET

Discussion group: “Analizing value in CBPP experiences”

Michel Bauwens (P2PFoundation), Marco Berlinguer (IGOPnet) and Marcos García (Medialab Prado)

Coordination: Mayo Fuster Morell (IGOPnet)@lilaroja


The directory development is supported by the European Project P2PValue (Techno-social platform for sustainable models and value generation in commons-based peer production in the Future Internet), and promoted by a consortium of organizations including P2Pvalue project partner members (mainly: IGOPnet.cc (conceptualization and coordination of CBPP Directory), University of Surrey (technical development of the Directory) and P2P Foundation (dissemination of the Directory), and the contribution of the other partners of the project GRASIA – Complutense University of Madrid, CNRS and University of Milan), and the support of the Spanish Chapter of Open Knowledge Foundation, among others. If you or your organization would like also to join the effort around the directory, please contact us.

The P2P Data Jam coordination Team are: Ruben Martinez (IGOPnet.cc) ruben@leyseca.net @RubenMartinez, David Rozas (University of Surrey) david.rozas@gmail.com @drozas, Kevin Flanagan (P2P Foundation) kevin@p2pvalue.eu @flgnk, Mayo Fuster Morell (IGOPnet.cc) mayo.fuster@eui.eu@lilaroja, Jorge Salcedo (IGOPnet.cc) @jorgelsalcedo and Antonio Tapiador (UCM) atapiador@ucm.es @atapiador

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