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Europe’s Second Renaissance? – By ASHISH KOTHARI

Article by ASHISH KOTHARI, about different realities in Catalonia, towards Post-capitalist, Ecologic and Eco-Sociologic societies, including Cooperativa Integral Catalana:

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Economic Self-Governance in Democratic Autonomy: The Example of Bakûr (Turkish Kurdistan)

The “Apoist”1 thread of the Kurdish Movement, which today involves many actors and organizations in military and political capacity, has gravitated away from the idea of founding a state. With the capture of PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan and his following imprisonment in İmralı, followed by a so-called paradigm shift with […]

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From the institutional way to the integral revolution

The current international political context allows us to clearly see the serious limits to the possibilities of social change through institutional routes.   On the one hand, the new left-wing political experiences in Latin America have had scarce impact on actual political life in the countries where they have had a chance to govern. There is a particularly great difficulty in […]

Autogestió: Adventures into the New Economies of Catalonia
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Autogestió: Adventures into the New Economies of Catalonia

Hello! We’re filmmakers, and we’re called Enfable. We want to make a research film about the New Economy in Catalonia, Spain, exploring cooperatives, local currencies, and community governance. Autogestió: Adventures into the New Economies of Catalonia from Enfable on Vimeo. What is Enfable? We’re videographic storytellers. We explore alternative narratives to those […]

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The P2PF/CIC strategic plan will be presented in AureaSocial on Tuesday, May 5th

This spring brings a new collaboration between the P2P Foundation  (P2PF) and the Catalan Integral Cooperative (CIC), working together on a Commons Transition Plan which follows the agenda developed by the common work group formed by both teams in 2014. To start off and to raise awareness about the project, […]

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Cooperativa Integral Catalana as a living model of open cooperativism

Enric Duran of the Catalan Integrated Cooperative has taken the time to comment on Michel Bauwens’ recent article on Open Coops, contrasting Bauwens’ proposals with the practical realities already under way in the CIC’s own forward thinking cooperativist environment. Bauwens’ summary of these proposals include four key proposals which Duran […]