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Enric Duran considers legal action for violation of his rights of defense

Five years after the publication of “Crisi” and the anouncement of a bank expropriation of 492,000 euros

In a statement published today, 17 of September, on the 5th anniversary of the publication of “Crisi” which carried the announcement of his expropriation, Enric Duran says that he is “thinking about carrying out legal action against the daily infringement of my defence rights”.

He states that the right of information, choice of witnesses and choice of lawyer have all been breeched.

“It looks as if – says Enric – the second section of the Provincial Court of Barcelona has invented a new law against all odds, saying that an accused who is in hiding loses his fundamental rights in relation to the process of defence”

For Duran, the reasons that justified that action announced on the 17th of September 2008, have not been fallen in to prescription. For this reason he says that he will continue “providing support to other initiatives who seek to act similarly. For the same reason I have not given up taking advantage of and poking new holes in this banking system’s whose only aim is to get profits out of people’s savings”
According to the statement: “Spanish police is now hunting me not only for the action explained in 2008, but also for another one, although smaller, realised in 2011”.

In the press release he also analized some current affair events concluding  that “encripting, the bitcoin and the 3D printers are spearheads of a whole range of revolutionary technologies that are only just starting to enhance the freedom of individuals and organized networks, putting a sell by date on the hegemony of the State-nation as we have known them in the last decades”.

Faced with these challenges, Enric Duran considers that “those who work for an integral revolution that includes the building of new structures of social and political self-organization and at the same time for a deep transformation of human being that recover value of community, have an even bigger challenge ahead than we had imagined”. In this sense, Duran announces the relaunch of the collective RADI, created half a year ago.

Link to full statement: http://www.enricduran.cat/en/statementS172013

Contact: comunicacio@enricduran.cat


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