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From the institutional way to the integral revolution

The current international political context allows us to clearly see the serious limits to the possibilities of social change through institutional routes.   On the one hand, the new left-wing political experiences in Latin America have had scarce impact on actual political life in the countries where they have had a chance to govern. There is a particularly great difficulty in […]

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Enric Duran’s announcement: Today, 2 years from not to the trial, 2 years from yes to freedom

Two years ago I left planted the judges, the district attorney’s office and banking, representatives of three of the most corrupt and obsolete estates of our epoch, that hide under a dark carpet the shames of a bank unworthy system, to try to condemn a few facts isolating them of […]

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Fairness and the commons, an interview with Enric Duran

Here we present a CommonsTransition interview with Enric Duran. Prior to co-founding the Catalan Integral Cooperative — a Commons Transition partner project creating a cooperative, self managed public system in Catalonia — Duran became famous for his 2008 “bank action”, an act which involved defrauding 39 Spanish banks of nearly […]

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Come back, A story which we made together

In this documentary over twenty people who had so far remained silent explain how they lived the facts of which they had firsthand knowledge before they became public, and recall the projects and initiatives in which those resources were allocated. The documentary has been released today, 6 months after the […]

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European austerity seeds governance alternatives

[A report by Patrick Chalmers.]* ‘If representative democracy is only to choose every four, or five, or six years the person who’s going to do everything they want without taking popular will into account… we are in a sort of trap and I think that’s certainly the case today for […]

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Enric Duran considers legal action for violation of his rights of defense

Five years after the publication of “Crisi” and the anouncement of a bank expropriation of 492,000 euros In a statement published today, 17 of September, on the 5th anniversary of the publication of “Crisi” which carried the announcement of his expropriation, Enric Duran says that he is “thinking about carrying out […]