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Enric Duran’s announcement: Today, 2 years from not to the trial, 2 years from yes to freedom

Two years ago I left planted the judges, the district attorney’s office and banking, representatives of three of the most corrupt and obsolete estates of our epoch, that hide under a dark carpet the shames of a bank unworthy system, to try to condemn a few facts isolating them of the social, political and economic context. Before this my response was clear and simple: the disobedience is the only way.


It happened all kind of things in these two years , and it confirms that the old regime remaining days are numbered. More and more people everywhere becomes aware that our freedoms, our rights are not given by some authorities or can be removed by force. They are our nature as humans.

And as many men and women, i continue, we continue, using our creativity and determination to build a new world, to left behind the current outdated system. From freedom to freedom.

As i’m free, do not expect such a reckless action. No, I will not give the old system illegitimate power to decide on my body. We are no longer in 2009, is now the dawn of another era.

I am free and time plays in my favor. Thus, the pieces of my return are putting in line, side by the other, to build together the way back.
#ReturnWithFreedom is therefore not a call to ask for freedom, but for making my return compatible with the freedom which i take inside.

PD1:  To remember the link of my statement two years ago:

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