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Do it yourself! Calafou_Hacklab at Dark Wallet Meeting

Bitcoin, cryptography, 3d printers, fabLab, free software, GNU-Linux, GPL, hacking, liquid democracy…

More and more people are using technology to create models that subvert the financial, productive and social order in the world in which we live, wich we think to know completely. The contradictions, the successes and the new frontiers of these experiments are the heart of unSYSTEM, the developer network of Dark Wallet Meeting, from November 27 to December 8 in Milan.


Five full days of laboratory about Dark Wallet and seven days devoted to talks, workshops, exhibitions and lectures by Amir Taaki, Jason King, Richard Stallman… The hacklab of Calafou participates today in

Do it yourself !
The impact of technology on social relationships

Thursday, December 05 – 20:30-22:15
Fablab Milano

The new technologies are not just a technical matter

In recent years the development of the free software and the open source approach has brought with it, more or less consciously, the construction of new ways of working, distribute, share; in a word the opportunity to build social relationships different from those suggested by the economy in which we live.

The advent of 3D printers and FabLabs offers to this imaginary a new dream: to emancipate this approach from its link with the world of the immaterial. So what is it, for the collective experiences that are being developed around the world

Do it yourself
What could be done?
What can you dream of?

unSYSTEM | November 27 to December 8 | MACAO, Viale Molise 68, Milan.

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