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GEORGE DAFERMOS publishes his report about Catalan Integral Cooperative

GEORGE DAFERMOS, research affiliate at the P2PF and a member of Commons Lab, has just published his research on the organizational structure of the Catalan Integral Cooperative.

In his own words:
– What does a post-capitalist, cooperative and open source society would look like?

In this video, George presented to the CiC members, the aim of his work, on springtime 2016
(English and Spanish simultaneous translation by Luís David Arias Castaño)


Here is the full study on the Catalan Integral Cooperative. Held during several months on 2016 along his long visit to our collective:

In this link, you can downoad the full study:

The P2PF Library

For more information about George at P2Pfoundation Wiki:


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