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Europe’s Second Renaissance? – By ASHISH KOTHARI

Article by ASHISH KOTHARI, about different realities in Catalonia, towards Post-capitalist, Ecologic and Eco-Sociologic societies, including Cooperativa Integral Catalana:

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GEORGE DAFERMOS publishes his report about Catalan Integral Cooperative

GEORGE DAFERMOS, research affiliate at the P2PF and a member of Commons Lab, has just published his research on the organizational structure of the Catalan Integral Cooperative. In his own words: – What does a post-capitalist, cooperative and open source society would look like? In this video, George presented to the […]

Autogestió: Adventures into the New Economies of Catalonia
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Autogestió: Adventures into the New Economies of Catalonia

Hello! We’re filmmakers, and we’re called Enfable. We want to make a research film about the New Economy in Catalonia, Spain, exploring cooperatives, local currencies, and community governance. Autogestió: Adventures into the New Economies of Catalonia from Enfable on Vimeo. What is Enfable? We’re videographic storytellers. We explore alternative narratives to those […]

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European austerity seeds governance alternatives

[A report by Patrick Chalmers.]* ‘If representative democracy is only to choose every four, or five, or six years the person who’s going to do everything they want without taking popular will into account… we are in a sort of trap and I think that’s certainly the case today for […]