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Understand Faircoin, the real economy of common people

Faircoin, a cryptocurrency that does not depend on states or banks and grows the real economy of ordinary people .

At the end of April 2014, Enric Duran, co-creator of the concept of Cooperativa Integral and co-founder of the Cooperativa Integral Catalana, began to develop the idea that it would end up being Faircoop, a cooperative for everyone and around the world. After intense research in the world of cryptomonedes, Enric chose the Faircoin criptomoneda because of its characteristics and history, and anonymus he developed the project. Later revealed his identity and shared his plan with other Faircoin developers to cooperate together.

Between the months of May and July of 2014 a promotional group with people of different groups like P2P Foundation, the Darkwallet or the Cooperativa Integral Catalana, and several individualities from around the world was formed. In September 17, 2014, Faircoop saw the light. Since then, local nodes have been built around the world and developing a broad economic ecosystem. Faircoin was especially important in 2015 in the economic crisis in Greece.

How does a cryptocurrency work?

A cryptomoneda is a digital currency, based on a decentralized and crypto-encrypted p2p (peer-to-peer, peer-to-peer) network. Being decentralized, there is no central bank to issue money, so it is not subject to the control of banks, governments or large corporations. The value of cryptocurrencies, as with traditional currencies, depends on the trust people give it, that is, the flow of supply and demand, so that the more exchanges there are and more people participate, more value tea.

This exchange, unlike fixed money, is produced directly between producers and consumers, without going through intermediaries, if we add that the decisions and their use and value are taken from the coordination of the local assemblies, it causes us to have a currency that It increases the values of trust, reciprocity and links between physical and real networks.

Criptocurrencies are pieces of information, specifically the exchange of keys that are recorded in a public book of accounts, that everyone can see and verify, and that is, it is almost impossible to falsify. When you make an exchange with a crypto you sign a transaction with your private key, the transfer of the value (“monetary units”) and the address of another person. These signatures form strings that are automatically verified and confirmed by the block chain system, called BlockChain, formed by a whole community of people who use their own computers verify that the transactions are correct, impossible to decipher if it is not with your key private.


    “The cryptocurrencies protection system is complex, but in practice, using them to make payments is as easy as paying with your credit card or through your mobile.”




Photo: Faircoin Ecosystem

Photo: Faircoin Ecosystem


There are many criptocurrencies. The best known is Bitcoin, or others like Ethereum, Litecoin. Many are used speculatively, and are based on the competition, both among the people who use them and the computer network that verifies the transactions. This in addition to increasing social imbalances has consequences on an ecological scale, since the mining of cryptomonedes and especially of bitcoin has generated an industrial career that has led to the daily laundering of huge amounts of electricity.


    “The cryptomonets give us immunity to possible interference from central banks or belonging to one territory or another, and that is why they give us the freedom to manage our economy.”


In this context, Faircoin’s proposal is a currency that promotes a fair, solidarity, ecological and cooperative economy. Faircoop reduces faircoin’s volatility and speculation by setting an official price without immediate fluctuations, decided by assembly, which guarantees all trades, workers, investors, savers, who participate in the ecosystem.

Why the Faircoin ecosystem?


Faircoop is an open cooperative of global scope that is self-organized through the Internet, outside the limits and controls of the nation-states. Faircoop is a self-managed and anti-hierarchical socio-economic ecosystem, which aims to help make the transition to a more sustainable and respectful world possible, reducing as much as possible the economic and social inequalities between human beings and at the same time contributing to a New global wealth, accessible to all humanity in the form of a commoncomer.

The Faircoin Ecosystem encompasses a set of tools;

Faircoin, cryptocurrency that allows payments through FairPay or different wallets. (Wallets)

FreedomCoop, a cooperative based on the common good at the service of people who wish to self-manage their own work. http://freedomcoop.eu/

FairMarket, online market for products and services in Faircoin. https://market.fair.coop/

UseFairCoin, a directory of the stores that accept Faircoin.


GetFairCoin, website where you can buy Faircoin online at official value. https://getfaircoin.net/

Local nodes are the local assemblies in each zone, formed by the people of a community that supports Faircoop, they are open and all decisions are taken equally. The Node Catalunya is made up of three subnodes: Tarragona, Arbúcies-Maresme and Barcelona. Assemblies are itinerant and physical.

Global Assemblies are the global assemblies where the general decisions that affect the entire movement are taken. They are carried out frequently through the internet. There are many groups to consult questions, ask or exchange information, as well as working groups in different areas (computer development group, health, education, finance, communication, market, etc.).

Bank Of The Commons is an open cooperative initiative that aims to transform banking, payments and currencies to support the economy used in cooperative and social movements, both globally and locally building an economy that sustains a more just and respectful society. https://bankofthecommons.coop/

How to use Faircoin / How to start being your own bank?


The first thing you have to do is create your wallet, download it at https://download.faircoin.world. You can have as many faircoin purse as you want, on your mobile, on your computer, several Fairpay cards or paper wallets. You can transfer faircoins from one account to another.

The FairPay card is also a wallet in itself, as it contains the faircoins you can use. The operation of this wallet is more similar to the methods we usually use on the internet, simply access your account using an email and password. It is an ideal method to use in your everyday transactions. You have more information at https://fairtoearth.com/

There is the option to create a paper purse, this is a very interesting way to safely store your faircoats that you are not going to use immediately or it is also an elegant way to create a kind of carrier check to do, for example , a donation to an NGO, group or person.

You must keep your wallet or wallet protected, encrypted and saved in several copies to avoid losing access to your faircoins. If this seems too hard you can subscribe to an online wallet such as Fairpay.

How to exchange money from € to faircoin? And reverse? // How to buy faircoin?


You can exchange euros, dollars, bitcoins and other currencies fixed and cryptomonedes by faircoin and vice versa. The change between social currency and faircoin also works with the support of some exchange offices. The most interesting thing is to change currency fixed by faircoins and exchange faircoins for multiple products that you will find in Fairmarket and in stores that accept faircoins in the Usefaircoins directory, leaving little by little to use euros or other trusted currencies that make it polarize the economy and social inequalities

You can exchange, buy and sell money through GetFaircoin (https://getfaircoin.net), you can do so through a bank deposit by selecting how many Faircoins you want to acquire and once you have accepted the bank transfer in a maximum of 72 hours you will have your faircoins in your purse.

Also from GetFaircoin you can go to a POE, (exchange points) that are the exchange boxes of the Catalan node, real physical sites where you can exchange money and make the transactions without commissions and immediately. By filling in the form, you will know how many Faircoins you want to change and in what POE (Tarragona, Arbucies-Maresme, or Barcelona), each POE (exchange box) will make sure you stay with you and carry out the transaction.

Photo: Arxive. Trade in Faircoin

Photo: Archive. Trade in Faircoin


Is Faircoin legal?


The cryptocurrencies are accepted into the European economic space; In fact the European Commission has issued several directives, informing how they should work at the level of payment systems, rates, etc. As with cash,cryptocurrencies allow you to dodge control of the state, it is from here a political decision of each one, declare income in cryptomonedes and pay the corresponding taxes or not do so, or contribute these Common funds taxes to support projects and initiatives that benefit the common people.

As it happens in the use of social currencies. Using faircoin in a cultural space or in a consumer group, instead of euros, facilitates legally covering the economic activity, without having to register activity licenses.

What guarantees does Faircoin have?


A ‘corralito’ can be applied by banks to the money that they control or can be decided by the Central Bank and bind it to all licensed banks. In a decentralized system formed by cryptomonedes, banks are out of every possible action.
At the same time, since Faircoop is a very active movement, which supports the principles of the integral revolution, it practices economic disobedience, cooperation, self-management and mutual support; He is better prepared to resist or overcome any type of attack that may be hypothetical.
In these 3 years of activity, for example, they have been able to cover all the commitments with shops that need to change the faircoins received in official currency again.

How is faircoin rising? Will it increase or decrease in the coming months and years?


The value of faircoin, like any euro currency, dollar, bitcoin, etc., depends on the trust that people grant you. The more people you trust, the more value it has. Since it was created, the value has been increasing. Three years ago it had an equivalence of € 1 = 175 faircoins. As more people are interested in the coin and the Faircoop project, the value goes up, until it stabilizes at € 1 = 20 faircoins. This equivalence lasted a couple of years, until May of this year, which again increased in value to the value of 1 faircoin = € 0.60. The change is currently € 0.90 to 1 faircoin, and in the next few days it is expected to equal € 1 = 1 Faircoin.

Faircoop has the clear objective of growing faircoin in a sustained way, until it can be a widely used currency around the world. At the same time, it wants to ensure stability to the participants who use it; That’s why once a month, an assembly is held to decide on the price of Faircoin and a decision is made that until now has been able to be on all occasions by consensus. And this price decision, if given, can only be towards a path that is to raise the official value.

The historic between May 2015 and May 2017, showed that even in its initial stages, Faircoop had enough capacity to guarantee the official price. Faircoop is not a pyramid system, if not that it extracts the resources of a capitalist system that is totally pyramid, alien and hierarchical and distributes them into a new system. Creating ethical and social values beyond the money in the network community, protected by new technologies and the decisions of the assembly formed by the voices of the assemblies of the local nodes.


    “The Faircoin currency is not a theory, it is a practice. It’s working. “


We are building a socioeconomic ecosystem from people and for people, totally decentralized, open, cooperative and managed by all the people who participate in it, in a horizontal way we take all decisions together. The technology of BlockChain facilitates the security and versatility of computer tools and helps us to grow this global and transversal ecosystem.

Ultra-fast guide to acquire Faircoins:


1.- Enter an account http://wallet.bankofthecommons.coop/

2.-Request the change at https://getfaircoin.net/ either by means of the exchange box or by transfer

3.-Publish the products you exchange or you want at https://market.fair.coop/

4.-Look at the stores that accept faircoin or publish your establishment at https://use.fair-coin.org/ca/

5.- Request information in the groups of Telegram Faircoop Catalunya https://t.me/joinchat/BAMX7ADo_mtYuOKlt2nq7w and Faircoop in Spanish https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAAtQC2poOj6HcoT5RA

More info:

Faircoop Catalunya https://catalunya.fair.coop

twitter @faircoopcat
email: catalunya@fair.coop



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Faircoop and cryptomonedas: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4eSKdvgheY

Faircoop in the economic crisis in Greece. https://www.lamarea.com/2015/08/02/la-fascinante-historia-de-la-criptomoneda-alternativa-que-podria-salvar-a-grecia-y-quizas-al-mundo/

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