On this page you can donate to the Catalan Integral Cooperativa

All donations add to the shared CIC budget will be managed by an assembly. The assembly decides how to allocate resources towards our objectives as an Integral Cooperative
See: cooperativa.cat/en/4390-2

You can contribute in the following ways:

1. Social currency donations

The  Catalan Integral Cooperative uses and promotes the exchange of social currency through CES (Community Exchange System). See cooperativa.cat/en/economic-system/social-currency-2

If you have a CES account and want to donate, since CES is recieving the money and performing the operation, you should write to donacions@cooperativaintegral.cat and tell us your CES account number and the amount you wish to donate.
2 Cryptocurrencies donations

Donations with Bitcoin :   1Pbv1QyYkz1rQAaKTBnvuodLhYZaVhBQXc Donations with Litecoins:  LPhBPkNC2coVDBsKmgMqFfSrY8tSCC5oeQ
Donation with Freicoin:: 1HmE61NRSDWDRvpF1vyECQj1AyXhk9uX3W

3. Bank transfer donations

You can make a deposit on behalf of the Catalan Integral Cooperative into the following account
1491 0001 21 2031882620

And send a notification if you wish, to donacions@cooperativaintegral.cat
4. Card donations

You can donate using the following payment gateway to donate.

Finally, we remind you this page is only for money contributions. If you want to cooperate in other ways you can use the general contact address: info@cooperativaintegral.cat