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XCTIT (xarxa de ciència, tècnica i tecnologia: Science, technique and technology network) aims to recover and unify  three fields that capitalism has separated in order to destroy production methods: Science, so that it doesn’t remain only within the confines of larger universities and corporations, but also in the streets and in our everyday practices; Technical knowledge, which belongs to workers and artisans and which today is being lost along with many of these crafts; and Technology, which we can access through the Information Society.


In XCTIT we work with appropriate technology.
  • We develop, or reappropriate Appropriate Technology taking the user, the context, the choice of the most suitable materials, and  sustainability all into account.
  • We seek the help of the most basic technology to implement systems adapted to our needs and to what we can buy on the market.
  • We want technology to help us, not dehumanize us.
  • We work in our self-managed collective and open workshops developing tools in collaboration with users and professionals. 
  • We recover a direct connection between the makers of tools and their users.
  • We apply novel as well as tried and tested processes.
  • We research and develop sustainable and efficient new prototypes for objects.
  • We fight against planned obsolescence and we readapt traditional machinery.
  • We re-skill traditional crafts.
  • We support ourselves economically with our products.
  • We work on Forest Management, caring for forests and taking advantage of the resources that it provides us with in a sustainable way.
  • We train people in Forestry: Taking care of the forests.
  • We are a multidisciplinary team, we provide consultancy,  outreach and dissemination, harnessing the internet for our work. We start on a productive research slope, with CAD/CAM design and prototypes, leaving from each object produced a percentage for the common good.
  • We need funding and we need many more people.


We are now working with the  Pompeu Fabra Mechanical Manufacturing Institute, a  Secondary School from Badalona, in the outskirts of Barcelona. We are participating as tutors on students’ project work, and in exchange we use their machinery. Also, the students on placement will manufacture parts for XCTIT prototypes.  For this reason we have created the LLUM coin in the Integralces currency exchange system, to make the return and because the Integralces platform is open to anyone willing to participate. This way we can use it as a searching/offering tool for all and as well as offering students a vision by which their lives don’t just need to become cannon fodder for the system and how how they can make their own things and self fund them without requiring the euro.
We also have the CIC free machinery license, which considers the work conditions, sustainability and extractive processes in sourcing materials.
We would like the network to recover the mood from street universities and from the earlier techniques and crafts, starting from free knowledge and reappropriated techniques.
CIC License

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