Local Self-management Hubs

We take local self-management as a form of taking control of our lives and  providing our neighborhoods and towns with infrastructures that enable  the development of grassroot social projects. Also they are used for breaking off the actual dependency and the precarious provision of the public or private social system dominated by the state and the market.

At a local level we have better capacity to understand the self-management process and meet with our neighbors in the everyday life and with all the problems and solutions we share. It is about reassuring ourselves, building self-managed initiatives through proximity. Via these projects we recover the mutual help and regenrate the community as the basic form of solving the problems of our personal and collective lives. We have come to know different action proposals and gain experience that have in common the possibility to be implemented in our neighborhoods or towns.

If we gain the ability to do brainstorming, we could count on the whole integral system of auto-organization. A fcouple of suggestions:

  • Local community relations, mutual help and cooperation
  • Social centers, free-shops, libraries, etc.
  • Exchange of goods, services and knowledge, social currency, social market with the participation of the local merchants and professionals
  • Offices of economic disobedience, fiscal rebellion and auto-organization of the debtors
  • Crowfunding (collective microfinancing) and interest-free credit cooperatives. Fiscal self-management
  • Employment offices and support for the self-employment/independent business iniciatives
  • Housing offices and data bank for available properties
  • Social housing cooperative