Territorial network

The most formidable organization system is the one that has a decentralized  network, since that is the most effective structre that exists for self-protection and survival. If certain hubs (each element that interacts with the networks is named as such) are attacked or are corrupted from within, the network will remain intact through the multiple reciprocal connections that exist between the hubs that take part in it.
This network is composed of different auto-organized areas within the territory it serves. The autonomous projects are iniciatives that accomplish a concrete activity and are based on mutual trust of all its members.This could include community-life projects (rural or not), production iniciatives and non-productive projects (ie.auto-organized education or health) in addition to the individual autonomous iniciatives. In the case of CIC, there are Autonomous Projects of Collective Initiative (APCI)  that are developed with commmon resources of the cooperative, having acces to new lucrative resources ( ie. a building, vehicle, other means on sale, rent or lease/purchase at prices below market) ensuring the  collective use of the cooperative property and decision making by the assembly. They funciton autonomously.
The local self-management hubs are spaces of interaction based on proximity, where the collective initiatives and autonomous projects interact with a high level of trust. The territorial reference can be a neigborhood or a city, a medium-sized town, groups of small nearby villages etc. The networks of bioregional self-management (called econetworks in Catalonia) are bioregional or regional areas (ie. a valley) where the above mentioned elemets interract under the same conditions. At this point starts the management of a counterhegemonic economy, that promotes the use of free or social currency, which serves to strengthen the economy of proximity and coordination through which collective and collaborative means are created; ranging from legal tools (cooperatives) to IT or data transmission tolls, and especially forms and plans of actions in order to intensify self-management. Any of the the previously mentioned initiatives can use and chose any of these tools.