The  Catalan Integrated Cooperative is a complex and diverse process of  decentralised self-management that reconstructs society from it’s roots.  These roots are it’s people, each of them choosing a personal journey  towards self-management.
Your  degree of involvement depends only on you. You might be among the full  time activists, or amongst those who contribute sporadically; you may  work from a global perspective or by placing your energy in making self  management possible at a local level.
You’ll  find projects centred on education, health and co-living, as well as  productive projects, or projects that bring together all these aspects.
According  to your needs, capacities and wishes you can join one or more of these  projects or work alone, with your own personal project. 
You  can come to the next meeting day – these are monthly and take place in  different places across the catalan territory – this way you can  get to know the process and people already involved in the CIC first  hand.  
A further step would be to register on our social network and join the work groups you are interested in.