General Principles

Social Transformation

  • Concern for common good and for one’s own good
  • Getting rid of materialism
  • Cooperation and solidarity in social transformation
  • Day-to-day social transformation and getting closer to making utopia a reality.
  • Direct relation between practical action and theorization
  • Inclusive cooperativeand encompassing the whole society


  • Social justice and equity
  • Equality in diversity
  • Self-realization and mutual support
  • Commitment and self-evaluation
  • Sharing our practices throughout society


  • Addressing the needs of people above any other interest, everyone contributing according to their means.
  • Money as a measure of the trading system between the people of a community, but without seeking accumulation as an end.
  • Encouraging other non-monetary forms of exchange: free economy, direct exchange, communal economy.
  • Establishing economic relations between producers and consumers: the cooperative regulates the estimation of fair prices based on their costs, its own needs and those of the consumers.
  • The cooperative  informs the  producers of consumer needs to regulate production.
  • The ECOcoops can never be converted into euros and we do not agree on any form of interest on your loan.


  • Ecology and permaculture
  • Degrowth and sustainability

Political organization

  • Democracy: direct, deliberative, participative
  • Self-management and decentralization
  • Transparency
  • Subsidiarity: form local to global
  • Based on assemblies

In addition to our general principles, we also embrace the idealogical bases of the call for integral revolution