Catalan Supply Center

Supply Center is a common service of the Catalan Integral Cooperative, responsible for bringing together the various orders from the pantries of each self-managed local center, eco-network or collective project and/or community linked to the Catalan Integral Cooperative, that have the option to choose freely, at any time, whether or not to accept collective orders.

At larger quantites; better coordination, greater ability to organize productors, lower costs, fewer emissions.
The products that arrive to the Supply Center, to the possible extent will be agroecological and/or artisanal, direct from producers, and from  the vicinity.
What is a pantry?
The pantreis are supply and exchange areas linked to a self-managed local center or  a collective and/or community project of the Catalan Integral Cooperative /generally Autonomous Projects of Collective  Iniciative). These pantries are projects of public character and communal services in the area where they belong.
Objectives of the Supply Center
  • Identify different pantries and gather their collective supply needs.
  • Identify producers and/or local craftsmen in coordination with local pantries, if they already have an established relationship with them.
  • Supply of food, health and hygiene in the pantry to ensure the health of all.
  • Coordinate collective orders to ensure the supply where there is no possibility of  getting a particular product and reduce administration.
  • Promote the use of social currency in general, increase the admission of the orders made to ensure the control of the flow of  trade.
  • Coordinate the management of surplus and communication with existing workshops. Promote the development of new workshops to ensure benefits from the surplus.
  • Coordinate transportation and use of vehicles and trips to minimize costs and  pollution. This must be coordinated with the working group of the Collective Transport Cooperative which is being created.
  • Establish ongoing communication with the employment bureau to channel the needs of producers and/or the requests of the associates to pay the fees in work hours (in exchange with CIC).
  • Establish continous communication with the trade and social currency commission  to enable the outflow of the social currency accumulated by the  producers.
  • Implement a software tool (Tryton) to facilitate the administration of the inventories, orders, accounts and lists of producers, pantries and  products.
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