These actions, arranged chronologically,  took place while the cooperative was in its infancy and will give an idea of the context in which it was created. The first comprehensive reference to integral cooperatives was published on page 14 of “PODEM” (“We Can”), which was distributed en masse on March 17, 2009. Since then, there has been an intensive development of this model and its diffusion, thanks to the first initiative of its kind that will begin to take shape in May 2010: Catalan Integral Cooperative (CIC). Based on this exemplary practice of self-organization. Currently there are diverse iniciatives underway, principally in Iberian peninsula, but also beyond.

Cronology of achievements:
  • 2006-2008: The Infospace and altercoms cooperative
It could be considered as a testing cooperative, to implement some of the ideas that later will be carried out in the Catalan Integral Cooperative
  • 2008: “Tiempos de Revuelta” (Riot Time) Cooperative and Downturn Protest
Between the 10th of February and the 27th of April 2008. An action that is going to develop as a bicycle parade around the Catalan region, with talks about oil dependency and functioning of banking and money creation, with the aim of spreading the ideas and degrowth proposals, plus taking steps for a network of the journey.
Documentary: All about the Protest
  • 17 September 2008: The collective CRISIS and the bank expropriation (clandestine)
  • 17 March 2009: We can live without capitalism
As we pointed out before, this publication marked the point of departure of the idea of integral cooperatives, the beginnig of the journey.
  • 17 September 2009: Publication “Volem” (We want)
  • December 2009: 1st Seminar of Free Currency Systems
Between the 27th and 30th of September was realized a small work meeting about the ways to broaden and and reinforce free currency mechanisms and ecology in Catalonia. The proposal emerged from a currency workgroup of the  Ecoseny network, addressed by Didac S. Costa and Enric Durán a new member and prime mover of ecoseny Report and Reflections of the first seminar of the free currency sytems.
  • January 2010, first reunions to create CIC
  • Gathering in Ruesta (Saragossa):  Interconnected networks, weaving alternatives (1-4 April 2010)
Call  for activists of degrowth, premaculture, agroecology, cities in  transition, self-management, anarcosyndicalism and other militant modes of syndicalism, social ecology, solidary economy, autonomy, of living  without capitalism. To all the activists who feel included. For everyone  committed, situated in proximity of the Iberian peninsula and its  surroundings. The 3 day gathering, was a brainstorming and a coordination of all the current networks and movements, that work and opt for alternatives to capitalism, authoritarianism and to patriarchy.
The first idea was to create local integral cooperatives, but as nderstood it was an extremely complex process that required the unity of lots of forces and resources. In the second phase, it was attempted to create networks of social currency exchange. And already in its envisioning phase began to appear econetworks of Tarragona, Montseny and RedECO.
News Interviews
Enric Duran’s channel on
Crisis (17 September 2008)
On September 17, 2008, 200.000 copies of the publication ‘Crisis’ are released on internet and distributed in Catalonia, in which the causes and the origins of the crisis are identified. It disclosed the action that Enric realized; the expropriation of € 492,000 from the banks, the article was titled: I have “robbed” 492,000 euros from the ones that rob us the most to denounce them an to build alternatives for the society. In this article he explains the procedure followed to expropriate the bank, Enric asked for 68 different loans from 39 financial entities. Download magazine Crisi (Catalan)
We Can! (17 March 2009)
On March 17, 2009, 350,000 copies of the second publicaction named Podemos (We Can) in which alternatives to crisis were outlined, were published. The Catalan Integral Cooperatives was refered for the first time in this publication and the idea to promote Local Integral Cooperatives was spread. The idea was later dismissed and replaced by one for ​a collective use of integral cooperatives, generating a throughout network. Download magazine Podem! (Catalan), Podemos! (Spanish)
“Liquidate the bank” (March 2009)
At  the same time “Podem! (We Can)” published the book: “Abolish the bank”  written by Enric Duran, in which he presents a more personal vision of  the action that took place. Download the book  “Abolim la banca”  (Catalan), “Liquidar la banca” (Spanish)
Queremos! (We Want!) (17 September 2009)
 30.000 copies of the publicacion “We Want! To live without capitalism! A manual to self-manage our lives” were distributed. This  publicacion covers each and every aspect of our lives: economy, housing, food, work, transportation, energy, education… Providing new insights and solutions for these issues. Download the magazine Volem viure sense capitalisme! (Catalan)  ¡Queremos vivir sin capitalismo! (Spanish)
Rise-up! (15 March 2012)
On March 15, 2012, 500.000 copies in the entire peninsula were distirbuted; 200.000 in Catalan and 300.000 in Spanish. This publicacion is a call for people to liberate themselves from the state, offering alternatives. Also, the publication includes aspects of people’s lives and implements solutions on a wider scale beyond the community, among which the concept of integral cooperative is explained and  full visibility to the integral cooperatives emerging across the peninsula are brought to light. Also, it introduces the creation of interest free ethical banking, and outlines a cooperative of journalists and readers in order to create independent and popular means of comunication and brings some suggestions on housing for people who have difficulties to pay the mortgage and who do not want to lose their houses. Download Rebel·leu-vos! (Catalan) ¡Rebelaos!(Spanish)