Network of Integrated Cooperatives

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In the months following the 15M (movement that begun on the 15 of May 2011, following mass demonstartions and sit ins), the network management model proposed by the Integrated Catalan Cooperative gained a lot of interest amongst various people and groups in other parts of the country. This produced various meetings and encounters aimed at reflecting and creating new processes for a horizontal, self managed structures of organization. This took  shape in the creation of other integrated cooperatives.
The 15th of March 2012, saw the publication of the magazine Rebelaos (Rebel), where appeared the first call for a meeting of integrated cooperatives without borders, at which participated a number of activists and budding coopertives.
This was the first gathering where a space for coordination and  sharing was made, an opportunity for collective learning where we could share ideas and tools.The success of this encounter resulted in the fact that now, every Spring, we hold a gathering of cooperatives, each time with a new cooperative as the host.
The gathering so far have been:
  • 2012. Baix Camp, Tarragona (Cooperativa Integral Catalana – CIC).
  • 2013. Baix Vinalopó, Alicante (Cooperativa Integral Valenciana – A Tornallom).
  • 2014. Zaragoza, Aragón (Cooperativa Integral Aragonesa – CIAR).
On account of the decisions and agreements made at the last gathering, we offically formed the Network of Integrated Cooperatives, in which we hold the principles of the Integrated revolution as the common ground and binding criteria.
At present the coopertives that belong to  this network are mainly form the Peninsula and its islands, together  with the network for cooperatives in the French speaking countries. In  this same way, we see that other “sister networks” are being developed  in other European countries.
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