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At  the cooperative we are organised into lots of different offices and  commissions which you can participate in or request information on  according to your interests. All of them have a contact email, reception  times and even open meetings or work group meetings(also on the  social network). In some cases it is possible to participate via audio  or videoconferencing tools, but others may require your physical presence.


Many  of these offices and commissions work normally in the Barcelona area,  although the objective is for each self organising hub or  eco-network to have it’s own offices for health, education etc, a store,  productive projects etc, that is to say, that it manages itself.


The various collectives that are distributed across it’s the territory need to  communicate and coordinate between themselves so that different  experiences can feed back to others, strengthening the collective  experience.


For  general questions about the cooperative, if you can’t find a specific  piece of info, or you’d like us to go and give a talk somewhere, or you  have a proposal and don’t know who to ask, you can do these things at:
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